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The iMEco lab attends the 9th ICMPE

In June, the 9th International Conference on Marine Pollution and Ecotoxicology was held at The University of Hong Kong. With scientific themes covering a range of timely areas such as metal pollution, emerging contaminants, ecological risk of contaminants and the fate and risk of plastics, it provided an excellent opportunity for members of the iMEco Lab researching impacts of pollution on mangroves to display their work.

During the thematic session focused on plastics, a new theme for 2019, Dr Stefano Cannicci and MPhil student Ying Luo presented their work on microplastic ingestion in mangrove crabs and anthropogenic marine debris in Hong Kong mangroves, respectively. Two poster presentations were also given by PhD student Rebekah Butler and research assistant Samantha Klein whose research areas focus on the accumulation of heavy metals within Hong Kong’s mangroves.

Have a look at the abstract book to find out more.

~ Rebekah

Rebekah (left) and Sam (right) presenting their posters

Ying presenting her work on marine debris in mangroves

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