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Stefano attends the Post-MMM5 Workshop at Pulau Tioman, Malaysia

After attending the MMM5 2019, with all the iMEco lab, Stefano met with twenty mangrove scientists from all over the world at the Post-MMM5 Workshop at Pulau Tioman, Malaysia. This writing workshop took place from the 7th to the 11th of July and aimed to draft an agenda-setting manuscript around the MMM5 theme of Mangroves and People. Thanks to the great leadership of Daniel Friess and Erik Yando, The Mangrove Lab, NUS, the workshop was very interesting and productive. We all agree that the mangrove scientific community needs to redefine the concept of mangrove degradation. We worked very hard, and are still working, to define and to conceptualize what degradation means for mangrove ecosystem and how we can find indicators of such degradation. We also visited the small, but pristine mangrove areas of the island, where old and beautiful trees of Bruguiera gymnorhiza and Xylocarpus granatum thrive relatively undisturbed.

Scientists from all over the world brainstorming on mangrove degradation and conservation.

Old and undisturbed Bruguiera gymnorhiza trees thriving in the creek nearby the workshop venue.

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