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New endemic mangrove crab discovered in Hong Kong

In 2017 our lab and Professor Peter Ng Kee-Lin, Director of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum of the National University of Singapore, had discovered, described and named new species of mangrove-climbing micro-crab from Hong Kong. Haberma tingkok, the third described species of Haberma, got its name as it was first found on mangrove trees in Ting Kok area. It is the second endemic mangrove crab species described in Hong Kong after Pseudosesarma patshuni described in 1975, and it is the only species in this genus which believed to have tree-climbing abilities. Full description of this species is published in Zookeys.

More information about the discovery can be found in the HKU press release.

~ Cherry

Haberma tingkok

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