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Lab retreat in Indonesia

The lab visited Pulau Bintan, Indonesia, in the days leading up to the MMM5 conference in Singapore for a working retreat. A change of scenery was much appreciated in the middle of the busy Hong Kong field season. Between preparation and practices for the conference in the coming days the lab managed to visit the beautiful mangrove river and were amazed by the biodiversity in the mangrove forest. Indonesia has 59 species of mangroves (49 true mangroves) that grow up to 50m in height and support a thriving ecosystem of crabs, snails and clams, birds, insects and juvenile fish. As well as the enormity of the forest, we were also impressed by the Bintan residents’ appreciation for the ecosystem services and tourism opportunities provided by the mangroves.

~ Thea

Stefano pointing at something interesting

Knee-root of Bruguiera sp.

Male of Haberma sp.

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