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The iMEco lab attends The Crustacean Society meeting in Hong Kong

From the 26th to the 30th of May, 2019, The iMEco lab crew participated in The Crustacean Society (TCS) mid-year meeting, held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This conference covered several topics related to the crustaceans Biology, such as taxonomy, phylogeny, behaviour, ecology and physiology.

During the TCS meeting, besides getting updated on what is happening in the crustacean world, we, from the iMEco lab group, presented our own advances in the crustacean field. There, Laura Agusto presented her work on the effect of crabs in the carbon cycles in salt marshes; Rebekah Butler presented her work showing the effects of heavy metal pollution in mangrove crabs physiology; Lok Yi Cheng presented her findings on the brachyuran fauna diversity in Hong Kong; and Pedro Jimenez presented his work with the relationships of the water loss of fiddler crabs with different degrees of terrestriality with temperature. Besides the oral presentations by the iMEco lab team, Henrique Bravo presented a poster on the functional diversity of mangrove crabs and its importance as a tool for conservation.

Have a look at the abstract book to find out more.

~ Pedro

The lab on its way to the banquet

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