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A new genus described for a Hong Kong mangrove crab and the largest known population is Mai Po!

Stefano, together with Peter K. L. Ng, Director of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum of National University of Singapore and Hsi-Te Shih of the Department of Life Science and Research Center for Global Change Biology, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, found the largest known population of the poorly known sesarmid crab Sesarma (Holometopus) tangi Rathbun, 1931. This new finding allowed them to to reappraise its taxonomy. The new material from Mai Po Reserve, Hong Kong, shows that Sesarma tangi should be referred to its own genus, named Sinosesarma by the authors. The new Sinosesarma tangi is a very rare and elusive species and the fact that the largest known population is at present found in Mai Po reserve is of critical importance for the amnagement strategy of this Ramsar Site. The paper, which also discuss ecological and conservation issues, is published on the Journal of Crustacean Biology:

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